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Imagine that water is the solution for the energy needs on earth!

Fossil -free energy with hydrogen and fuel cell

Chemical energy turns into electricity and heat

Hydrogen is an energy carrier just like electricity. This means that hydrogen is not a primary energy source, but can be used to store, transport and provide energy. Flexibility is great because hydrogen can be produced from all types of energy sources. Hydrogen can be used as energy in fuel cells.

A fuel cell is an energy converter that can be effectively used to convert the chemical energy of the hydrogen gas into electricity and heat. The residual product is pure water, H2O, when oxygen from the air is used. Fuel cells can replace combustion engines in vehicles where they operate electric motors and also be used for energy supply for houses. They can also be used in smaller devices such as mobile phones, computers or power units for recreational boats. In terms of portable and desktop applications, there are technology that is commercially available. (Source: hydrogen Sweden)