At NatureProof, we bring the technology to the market and make tomorrow's solutions available today.

NatureProof Sweden Ltd

We bring the technology to the market.

Our vision is to provide the market with tailor-made, 100% self-sufficient fossil-free energy solutions. Something that in the long run will result in society’s entire infrastructure changing in terms of energy supply.

Our focus is on hydrogen. With hydrogen, you can store, transport and provide renewable energy from, for example, sun and wind. By using hydrogen together with fuel cell technology, you get exhaust-free cars and buses where clean water is the only emission. The technology can also be used to make, for example, residential or industrial properties self-sufficient in energy.

With mobile solutions, we provide scalable and reliable power whenever and wherever you are and need to ensure uptime and, for example, production. There are no emissions and the system delivers continuous power and heat and emits only water as a by-product.

At NatureProof, we bring the technology to the market and make tomorrow’s solutions available today.

Sales and project management

Tomas Hård

Tomas has a solid past in the automotive industry where he worked with brands such as Nissan, Kia and Toyota with a main focus on sales.

“After many years in the car industry, I have seen the need for a sustainable energy supply for our perhaps most important means of transport, the car. Hydrogen and fuel cell technology are the future and with our concept NatureProof we are getting there”

Marketing and project management

Peter Sahlin

Peter has many years of experience in marketing and project management and has worked with both sales, design and development of entire concepts.

“Of all the exciting projects I’ve worked on, this is the most interesting and challenging. Being able to participate and contribute to a climate-smart energy supply feels special and NatureProof is just right in time”