Eskilstuna Energy and Environment is testing new technology for a more sustainable cogeneration plant

9 January 2023

In the spring of 2023, Natureproof Sweden together with Blue Thing Sweden will test run a so-called hydrogen cell in Eskilstuna Energy and Environment’s combined heat and power plant, which supplies district heating and electricity to residents in the Eskilstuna area.

This is new technology that will reduce the environmental impact of the cogeneration plant. The project begins with an evaluation phase of how much environmental savings we can achieve and the technical conditions for optimal delivery. When the evaluation is completed, a decision is made as to whether we should move on to phase 2, where the hydrogen cell will then be installed.

The goal of the project is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and soot particles from the cogeneration plant. It must also reduce the amount of biofuel used to run the heating plant and thus save energy and natural resources.

– Our vision for EEM is that we should be an example and a source of inspiration in the energy and environmental field. We are constantly looking for new ways to become even more sustainable in our production. Therefore, we are very happy to have the opportunity to investigate this kind of technology, says Lotta Lejdberg, Business Area Manager Energy at EEM.

The installation of the hydrogen cell will be able to take place in the summer of 2023 at the earliest when there is lower intensity in the cogeneration plant. In this way, the new system can be tested before next autumn and winter.